The Metis Piano Duo sprang from the encounter of pianists Alessandra Felice and Loretta Proietti, both having an extensive experience in chamber music.

Their passion for the chamber music repertoire and for the piano duo in particular gave birth to a bonding dictated by an unceasing research and a natural sympathy.

An artistic and musical understanding where their two identities perfectly tune, a duo able to pinpoint the best interpretative path through sensibility, intelligence and wisdom, exactly like the Greek goddess Metis from whom Alessandra and Loretta, both ancient Greek literature lovers, got their inspiration.

The duo’s repertoire ranges from the classical to the contemporary period, touching on the most important compositions for this ensemble.

Metis Piano Duo by Amusart
Metis Piano Duo by Amusart





21 august 2021


Appia Antica Chamber Music Festival
Villa Livia, h. 9:00 pm
Music by Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Barber

september 2021


details to be defined
music by Faurè, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Barber


Like goddess Metis, we’ll be able to show you the best path to overcome the predicaments of life, and we’ll do it with our power: music.

The power that allows us to transform constantly, interpreting manifold repertoires.

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